Sgt.Moore’s adventure

My Husband, Sgt. John Moore had just received an honorable discharge from the Army, after serving our great country for sixteen wonderful years. After walking down the road for what seemed like forever, his stomach started to grow hungry. Sgt. Moore soon remembered that he still had a can of sea rations in his sea bag, only to realize, he don’t have any utensils. So, he continued walking for another two miles. His stomach started to get an excruciating hunger pain when, he got the sudden urge to stop and look down. As Sgt. Moore came to a stop and looked at his feet, what did he see? To his amazement, he saw a fork. He immediately threw off his sea bag, got out the sea rations, cleaned off his new friend with his shirt and, began to eat.

word for the week , Fork

Flash in the pan

just for fun


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