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The mystery in the basement

Don’t go down there!!! Why not? Because I said not to. But why not, do you have something down there? Omg, yes there is a…. i cant tell you! Well shit , don’t start if your not going to finish.. that’s just wrong man, That’s ok you be that way. Ill wait till john gets home because i know he will show me… NO he wont…





Flash in the pan



Your nasty

Ok,Ok.. Your right i did it and no im not saying sorry for doing it. Theres more room out then in anyways. Plus it felt good. Well you stink!! You should warn someone before you go and do something like that. Why should i? Its funnier if you don’t say anything and just let it fly.





flash in the pan 



Just go already!! your pissing me off, leave me alone and don’t come back till you know what your saying. God I hate smart ass people that don’t know anything. Why does people bring the bull shit to me thinking i care? News flash i not really care.. So that being said, if you think i care your wrong, so if you have something smart to say just bite your tongue and walk away… problem solved.





flash in the pan 


You look fine babe. Just hurry. 20 mins past, come on John! Your going to make me late again, for the ninth time this month. Your worse then a woman! Dose this look ok? Yes babe, i told you 20 mins ago you look fine.




word- come 

flash in the pan


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Yesterday is just a memory, a painful one

Yesterday is just a memory, a painful one of curse. But yet yesterday no longer exist. You dwell in yesterdays jaded, and judgmental people. you ask yourself why, am i so absent-minded? You know not to live in yesterday but its so hard not to. Your rambunctious thoughts you drown yourself in day after day. Its the same thing every time. what dose every one want form you? You cant figure out what it is and no one will tell you. You have come to the point were you just want to give up, but you cant you have children to take care of. How are you going to come through all the demoralized feelings? You have to stay strong for your family. Just let it go and live today for what it brings, stay away from yesterday and don’t look back.

number 5

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The chains and paddle locks are getting heavy.

The chains and paddle locks are getting heavy. The block that weighs your mind makes you baffled. The tears that fill your eyes makes your vision blurry. Weakness that makes things harder. The pain that brings you to your knees. Things you thought you knew are now interrogated. Your challenged by the every day dismay. But you know in the end everything is benevolent at the end of each day.

Just shut up

Shut up!!! You talk too much, you need to learn when to glue your lips together. You make me want to smack you around, Pull all my hair out and scream.

You disgust me so much i through up a little in my mouth, every time i look at you. Don’t say anything else… I can’t stand to hear you talk, please just go away and never speak to me again..  UGH!!!

word- Up

flash in the pan