Just shut up

Shut up!!! You talk too much, you need to learn when to glue your lips together. You make me want to smack you around, Pull all my hair out and scream.

You disgust me so much i through up a little in my mouth, every time i look at you. Don’t say anything else… I can’t stand to hear you talk, please just go away and never speak to me again..  UGH!!!

word- Up

flash in the pan



Don’t judge

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see..The glimmer of my past, Don’t judge me by the things you may see.

           The scarce memories, that flash before me.

      You will never know what its like to be me. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out why.

Don’t judge me from the past. All the emotional pain i try to hide behind a fake smile,never expressed.


Im barely breathing, buried in the dark. Trying to change all the things i screwed up. How can i 

keep up this breathing when im taking in a thousand worries? I have to block out the thoughts,

so i don’t lose my head. I try to let the rain of what i feel come down, but im fighting the life that stuck again. 

Your phone is ringing!   Oh it’s deep in your pocket. That’s ok ill reach for it.  THAT’S NOT IT!!! Ringy, ringy.. Ok now we are not playing pocket pool.

Just stop, and get your hand out of my pocket…




word- Reach

flash in the pan


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Maybe you should listen

Sue, stop walking backwards! Your making me dizzy.Sue just laughed and kept walking. Sue your about… BOOM!!! before i could finish, Sue had already ran into the stop sign. I tried to tell you Sue, but you don’t listen.

word- Backwards

flash in the pan

just for fun

Its just funny

Here i sit brokenhearted came to shit but only farted, with one last push finally a plop, i missed the toilet grab a mop…





flash in the pan

anther old one

just something i wrote

The light was extremely bright,her eyes were glittering from the glare on the window but she couldn’t help but stair at him.He was dressed in all white and hair that was soft brown with so many waves that hung to the middle of his back. She couldn’t speak at all it was like her tongue was stuck to the top of her mouth. He just looked at her with his arms open like he was waiting for her to come to him, then out of no where it was like something picked her up and started moving her closer to him, she tried to resist it but it was just to forceful.

Drinking the stress away

John started his daily routine out about 6 am. He gave his wife a kiss, walked out to the car, opened the door and got in. He drove about an hour to work each morning. His hours were all messed up, starting at 7am to only god knows when. Every night when he go home he would tell his wife to get ready. They had been to the bar every night. they sit there for 6 hours and John was starting to become more then intoxicated.




flash in the pan

anther out of the last book